Apartments for rent in Mipec Riverside, Long Bien district, Ha Noi

The Mipec Riverside Apartment in Long Bien district is a multi-functional complex project with the living space of 16.609 sqm, including:

  • Basements of 3 levels for parking.
  • There are 05 floors: shopping center, entertainment, cinema, fitness center and cuisines area.
  • On the 6th floor is fitness center, entertainment center with cinema, games etc.
  • On the 7th floor is Swimming pool.
  • From 8th to 35th floor of 2 towers is residential apartments.

There are over 800  in 02 towers measured at clearance area (according to TT03/BXD) consisting of the types of square meters such as: 63m2, 64.1m2, 68.8m2, 69.9m2, 70.8m2, 79m2, 81m2, 83.5m2, 85.3m2, 86m2, 114m2, 115m2, 119m2, 124m2, 138.5m2, 144m2. The penthouses arranged over 2 levels with a luxury and modern facilities. In addition, The construction density occupies of 43.9% of the total of landsize, the remaining area is used for the public works, green trees, and internal paths that meet the demand for living space of all residents…

This complex is next to the historical Long Bien bridge on the Song Hong (Red River), is adjacent to Long Bien I, Long Bien II Street and Ngoc Thuy Dike, Hanoi and the old quarter of Hanoi, Mipec Riverside with a ideal position, an open space and widen vision.


  • Project name: Mipec Riverside Complex
  • Investor: Military Petro Chemical JSC (Mipec).
  • Design consultancy unit: DA Group Design Company (Korea).
  • Construction unit: Hoa Binh Corporation
  • Location: No. 2 Long Bien II Street, Ngoc Lam, Long Bien District, Hanoi.
  • Total area: 16,690 m2
  • The project includes two towers with 35 floors each.
  • The living apartment square meters from 64 m2 to 144 m2.


Located at no. 2 Long Bien Street, Ngoc Lam, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi. It is adjacent to three main roads: Long Bien 1, Long Bien 2 and Ngoc Thuy Dike. From this prime position, This complex has a dream vision forward to Long Bien Bridge, Red River and center of Hanoi.