Introduction about apartments for rent in Hai ba trung district, Hanoi

Hai Ba Trung is the central district of Hanoi. There are many small apartments built and operated by individuals. You can find 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Hai Ba Trung with the rental prices from 400 usd to 1000 usd. The prices mainly depend on the locations, finishing quality, quality of furniture and the operation duration of the apartment building.

It is common that the apartments are rented with some services as house keeping and free use of internet, consumption water and cable television. You can also get the cheaper rate if you ret the apartment without services. The prices will be negotiated between you and the owner.

There are some residential complexes in Hai Ba Trung district. If you want a modern and easy living, you can choose times city apartment buildings. It is a big residential apartments and commercial centre as shopping areas, offices, retail areas, playground, and full facilities for residents as pool, gym, hospital, schools... There are 9 apartment buildings in operation counted to 2014.

You also can stay at apartment building at 93 Lo Duc, apartments from 2 to 4 bedrooms with reasonable renting prices.

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