All about apartments for rent in Eurowindow, Tran Duy Hung street, Hanoi

Eurowindow Multicomplex is a multi-functional complex of high-end apartments and offices. The entire outer surface of the complex is covered with a system of heat-resistant aluminum frames, reflective glass, heatproof glass and random mixture of 4 colours creating a unique architecture for the building. With unique and modern design, the project promises to bring convenient and friendly living space for residents.

Eurowindow complex is located in Tran Duy Hung street which is the most dynamic investment area with large area of land and crowded population. Favorable location to enjoy modern technical infrastructures of urban areas like Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Yen Hoa, Nam Trung Yen and Dich Vong. The building is not only in a convenient location to travel around the city, but also close to plenty of amenities: GrandPlaza, Big C, Trung Kinh market, parks, schools, National Convention Center…

At Eurowindow Multicomplex, residents can live in perfect environment of professional banking services, financial development, modern neighbor… The building is also synchronously constructed with system infrastructure containing internal roads, power supply system, water supply and drainage systems, communication systems, fire protection ... to ensure accordance with current technical standards. Other onsite facilities: high speed elevator, commercial center, restaurants, Highland Coffee, fitness center and gym.

Eurowindow building is designed with 300 high-ranking apartments of high standard, 2-3 bedrooms in varied sizes of 76m2, 78m2, 88.9m2, 95m2, 95.5m2, 96m2, 97m2, 98.2m2, 100m2, 101m2, 119.4m2, 127.4m2, 140.2m2, 160.4m2, 199.9m2.

Especially, each apartment in Eurowindow not only gets natural and overwhelming sunlight in daytime due to glass curtain wall surrounded, but also has particular characteristics. The owners have right to choose and arrange furniture to enjoy the best living moments in their own home. It becomes one of the most ideal accomodation in Hanoi. At the moment, there are a lot of apartment for lease in Eurowindow Multicomplex which can satisfy diversified demand of customers in design, color or price.

Tan Long Real Estate is developed to cater for all housing requirements, residential leasing, commercial leasing and Industrial leasing. We have English speaking customer Division , Korean custommer Division and Japanese custommer Division with well-trained staffs to provide best services for customers. At Tan Long, we have updating database of apartment rentals in Eurowindow Multicomplex to serve for any requirement you may have. Our staffs will help you to quickly find your ideal home with or without furniture, with high or low rate or with any requirement raised and will negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal on your new home. Especially, we have our own maintenance team who can show up anytime at your urgent need as We understand the lease-long services is more important than showing the properties.

If you want to stay in Eurowindow Multicomplex, just send us your requirements and we will select and arrange the visit to your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price.