Apartments for sales in Vinhomse Wonder Park

Known to be a new and promising project of the well-known investor Vingroup, Vinhomes Wonder Park is attracting much attention from the customers, being in a prime location in Dang Phuong district, forming a comfortable space through design and construction, together with a luxurious European design and an eco-green living space, the project brings spacious and capacious facilities. Altogether will bring customers a great experience and a classy living space.


  • Project name: Vinhomes Wonder Park
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Project location: Tan Hoi Commune - Dan Phuong District - Hanoi City
  • Project area: 133ha
  • Construction density: 20%
  • Form of ownership: Red book
  • Real estate products: villas, townhouses, and commercial townhouses.



Vinhomes Wonder Park is adjacent to three large rivers: the Red River, the Nhue River, and the Day River. The project is located in the administrative territory of Dan Phuong district - TP. Hanoi. From the project, it only takes 20 minutes to move to West Lake, 30 minutes to walk to Son Tay Town or Ba Vi Mountain. This place is also adjacent to big roads such as Ring Road 4, Belt Road 3.5, West Thang Long Boulevard ...
The project is also adjacent to the districts of Phuc Tho, Hoai Duc, and Bac Tu Liem... thus reduce customers' concerns over traffic jams during rush hour.


Types of houses at the project: villas, townhouses, and commercial townhouses. The villas are built with an area of ​​150m2 - 400m2, including single villas and semi-detached villas. The detached apartments are arranged with 04 open sides, while duplex apartments have 03 open sides. Customers can enjoy the green and quiet green space, and the villas are designed with balconies, large sliding doors to help catch the air and light to ventilate the room.
The adjacent apartments are built with areas from 80m2 -150m2 and have 02 open sides. Similar to the villas, the space in front and back of the house is also arranged for green space. The adjacent apartments are also designed with a very sophisticated and luxurious French style. The nearby flats are also located near the big road, convenient for moving.
The shophouse has the most significant number of projects, built with an area of ​​70 - 180m2, made with two separate paths. This is also the unique point of the shophouse. The first floor of the shophouse is a garage and ample open space. This area is well designed to allow homeowners to customize their use. Level 02 and above will be designed with separated rooms and living areas. These are houses with high potential for profit in the project.
Phan khu anh duong
On the left of the project is the Anh Duong subdivision. The main types of housing in the neighborhood are adjacent and shophouses, in addition to a few more villas located above the project. The area of ​​this subdivision is the smallest, but the density of houses is the densest. This is easy to understand because this place is arranged in association with the shopping mall so that it will be crowded, crowded and bustling. This is also the subdivision with the least green space in the project.
Next to Anh Duong's right is the Thoi subdivision. The neighborhood is planned with mostly still shophouses and adjacent. There is always the appearance of the villa, but the number is insignificant. The neighborhood is a connection between the bustle and tranquility. In addition to the houses, most of the area is the space of flower gardens, air-conditioned lakes. Help balance living space, bring a relaxed feeling. Besides, the subdivision has a land area allocated for office buildings.
The last subdivision is the Hoang Gia subdivision. They were designed with mostly villas and adjacent houses. Similar to Thoi Dai, Hoang Gia was built with large green spaces of trees and lakes. The subdivision is also arranged with Vinmec hospital and Vinschool school. This is the most luxurious and classy subdivision of the project.


The system of education is synchronized with Vinschool's multi-level school. With this educational system, customers will be assured of the quality of education, creating peace of mind for parents. At the same time, the arrangement of schools inside the area also helps to save travel time, transport children to and from school, and also ensure more safety.
Tien ich Vinhomes Wonder Park
System of Art Works complex, Vinmec hospital isn't only taking care of education and projects but also gives homeowners attention in both medical care and employment. Create a better mind for families when there is a health center near their home. If you need your workspace, the project can also be provided to you. From personal needs to the needs of the company or office.
The entertainment, shopping, and entertainment needs are brought to Vincom Mega Mall and the bustling chain of shophouses. This is not only a highlight and also an attraction at the project. Indeed not only internal residents but also external residents will be satisfied and interested in this utility.


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