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Apartments for sale in Tay Ho - Tay Ho, also known as West Lake, is one of Hanoi's most sought-after neighborhoods, offering urban convenience and natural beauty. Located on the northwestern shore of Hanoi's largest freshwater lake, Tay Ho is known for its picturesque landscapes, charming streets, and vibrant expatriate community. If you're considering buying an apartment in Tay Ho, you're in for a treat.

Learn about the Tay Ho district

  • Scenic Beauty: Tay Ho offers stunning views of West Lake, often called the "Lake of the Returned Sword." The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful pagodas, providing a serene and picturesque atmosphere.
  • Lifestyle and Convenience: The neighborhood is well-known for its lively expat community. A wide range of international restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops make it a hub for expats and locals who appreciate a cosmopolitan lifestyle.


  • Cultural Attractions: Tay Ho is rich in history and culture, with numerous temples and pagodas, such as the Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple, adding to the area's charm.
  • Quality Education: The neighborhood is home to several international schools, making it an ideal location for families with children.
  • Recreation: You can enjoy various outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, or leisurely walks around the lake. Water sports and boat rides are also popular among residents.

Types of Apartments for Sale in Tay Ho

  • Lakeview Apartments: These apartments offer breathtaking views of West Lake. They often come with spacious balconies or terraces where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Serviced Apartments: Tay Ho has a range of serviced apartment options, providing the convenience of housekeeping, security, and amenities like fitness centers and swimming pools.
  • Penthouse Apartments: For those seeking luxury living, penthouse apartments in Tay Ho often offer spacious layouts, private rooftop terraces, and panoramic views of West Lake and the city.
  • New Developments: The real estate market in Tay Ho is continually evolving, with new apartment complexes and modern developments offering state-of-the-art facilities and contemporary design.
  • Historical Buildings: Some apartments in Tay Ho are located within charming French colonial-era buildings, which have been beautifully restored and renovated to offer a blend of classic and modern living.

Considerations When Buying in Tay Ho

  • Budget: Determine your budget and explore the options available within your price range.
  • Amenities: Consider the amenities you desire, such as parking, security, fitness centers, and proximity to public transportation.
  • Resale Value: Research the potential for property appreciation in the area and the rental market if you plan to invest.
  • Legal Aspects: Ensure that all legal aspects of the property purchase, including ownership rights and contracts, are thoroughly reviewed.
  • Real Estate Agents: Consider working with a reputable real estate agent with local knowledge to help you navigate the market and find a suitable apartment.

Buying an apartment for sale in Tay Ho can be an excellent investment in lifestyle and future value. With its natural beauty, cultural richness, and urban amenities, it's no wonder that Tay Ho remains a top choice for residents and investors in Hanoi.

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