Apartments for sale in Sunshine Empire

Apartment for sale in Sunshine Empire - Sunshine Empire offers a lifestyle filled with complete amenities and sophistication. With its modern design and convenient location, this condominium creates an ideal living environment for both families and investors.

Detailed information about apartments for sale in Sunshine Empire

Apartments for sale in Sunshine Empire

The apartment for sale in Sunshine Empire in Ciputra Urban Area presents a unique opportunity, offering not just a home but a lifestyle of sophistication and perfect recreational spaces for every family member. The amenities and relaxation spaces on the utility floor are optimized to serve all ages, creating conditions for an exceptional experience.

The scale of the Sunshine Empire apartments project is 5 residential towers ranging from 35 to 47 floors and 3 basement levels, comprising:

- Tower T1 Sunshine Empire Apartment: 47-story luxury hotel

- Tower T2 Sunshine Empire Apartment: 46-story high-end hotel-office building

- Tower T3 Sunshine Empire Apartment: 35-story hotel apartments

- Tower T4 Sunshine Empire Apartment: 39-story hotel apartments

- Tower T5 Sunshine Empire Apartment: 39-story hotel apartments

The Sunshine Empire project, as well as apartments for sale in Sunshine Empire, is located in Ciputra urban area, North Tu Liem, Hanoi, owned by Sunshine Group investors. 

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Type of apartment for sale in Sunshine Empire

The type of apartment for sale in Sunshine Empire includes three main product categories: Luxury hotels, A-class Offices, and International Trade Centers. In particular, the 5 towers of Sunshine Empire are all designed to have 5-star hotel rooms called Prime Suites in each tower. This is a specialized product upgraded from Condotel with many outstanding advantages.

Besides, this project provides two types of apartments which are 2-bedroom apartments in Sunshine Empire and 3-bedroom apartments in Sunshine Empire.

One more point of the project is that it is operated by leading management brands in the world with a high-class utility system, so it will be an ideal choice for global entrepreneurs when choosing a space to work, holding international meetings or high-level seminars, ...

6 Reasons You Must Own Sunshine Empire Apartment

- This is the first product line of Sunshine Group's inner-city resort.

- The project is located in the largest financial and international trade center in the Northwest and located in the community of Ciputra urban area.

- The project has a full range of outstanding class facilities that no project in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam, in general, owns such as a ski rink, catwalk, and super VIP Skybar, ...

- Reasonable product structure including apartment and hotel apartments and office buildings.

- In the future, when 15 inner embassies in the West of Hanoi move, the project will have the potential to outperform the price.

- The potential of making a profit from apartments for sale in Sunshine Empire

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