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Apartments for sale in Ecopark are located in the Southeast of Hanoi City, blessed with nature surrounded by the Red River and Duong River, stretching along the banks of the Bac Hung Hai River, Ecopark Van Giang Urban Area is considered a high real estate project. Level with smart design, promising to bring complete life to residents

apartments for sale in Ecopark

1 / Overview of Ecopark Van Giang project

Ecopark apartment for sale project, Hung Yen is located on an area of ​​nearly 500 hectares, started construction in 2009, and is expected to be completed in 2029, with a total investment of up to 6 billion USD. Ecopark Van Giang high-class apartment project has a diverse area, luxurious design, meeting all the needs of households.

Ecopark apartment project includes 13 apartment buildings. Total floor area (excluding basement) 160,185sqm, 3 buildings with 19 floors, 6 buildings with 22 floors, 4 buildings with 25 floors, total of 1500 apartments, 138 villas in Garden Garden, 204 villas in Garden Tung , along with the Truc townhouses.

Typical types of area: 70.9sqm; 83.3sqm and 91.8sqm especially with Sky Villa 154sqm and 165sqm, Penthouse 240sqm.

2 / Location of Ecopark Van Giang project

  • General

Located in the residential Ecopark Van Giang is planned southeast of Hanoi, located in Van Giang district, Hung Yen province, adjacent to Bat Trang pottery village, 12.8 km from the center of the capital. It is connected to Thanh Tri Bridge, Ring Road 3, Vinh Tuy Bridge, Chuong Duong Bridge, 4km from North-South Highway, convenient for trade.

The highlight is the urban area surrounded by the Red River and Duong River, the whole land stretches along the rich Bac Hung Hai River. This is a special feature of the project that is almost exclusively found in developed countries. Every major city in the world is usually famous for a river, and the measure of the development of the city is the ability to satisfy the needs of landscape, daily life, and entertainment for residents.

 The urban area is nearly 500 hectares but the area of ​​the lake is up to 100 hectares, acting as a large lung to create a fresh environment and fresh air where rare. In addition, the rivers also help create landmark works such as Bac Hung Hai Bridge or tourist attractions along the river and villas owning open space, full of nature.

3 /. Scale and design of Ecopark Van Giang urban area

The apartments for sale in Ecopark is the largest urban area in the North with a development area of ​​499.9 hectares, an area of ​​over 110 hectares of trees and lakes (excluding the natural water surface area). period, with an estimated total investment of over 8.2 billion US dollars.

With the application of new urban management technology, Ecopark urban area offers a variety of housing types such as houses on the island, canal houses, houses in the old town, houses on the river, villas on golf courses, etc. middle and high-rise apartment, ... with different cost levels to suit the needs of all customers.

The attraction of the urban area is the design of the old quarter and the mixed commercial area.

  • *Old Town

 Designed and built to create the cultural traits of the northern villages and the Hanoi Old Quarter with the culinary characteristics, costumes, culture, .. of Vietnamese people. This is also the highlight that attracts a large number of tourists who bring outstanding profit potential.

The old town is divided by talented designers into many small areas with different functions:

 - Traditional trade village area combined with the model of trade village such as embroidery village, silk weaving, brocade, pearl mosaic, lacquer, stone, bamboo, wood, horn, ceramic, painting village ...

 - Shopping street for pedestrians selling fine art products such as ceramics, brocade, silk, rattan ... and all kinds of traditional specialties and wines.

 - Cultural and culinary quarter with stalls, specialty restaurants of Hung Yen, typical dishes of three regions and Southeast Asian countries.

  • * Commercial & mixed area:

The investor creates a commercial area in the urban central area, ensuring convenience for transportation and meeting the needs of all residents. The works located in a mixed-use commercial area include: convention center, shopping center, supermarket, hotel, restaurant, entertainment area, sport center, etc.

4 /. Ecopark Van Giang urban service

Restaurant and shopping area near the apartments for sale in Ecopark

With a large scale, harmonious design, serving the shopping needs of residents, with the event design to engage the community.

  •  Great resort amenities

In parallel with the completion of the apartment, the utilities come as a hospital. Ecopark Market Union School, commercial center, swimming pool, tennis court, club, green park, children's playground are conducted in phase 1 in order to bring peace of mind, Comfortable, fully furnished for residents to live here.

Ecopark Van Giang complex is planned synchronously and greenest in the North has been formed to contribute to bringing a better life for Vietnamese people. From the concept, not only giving residents a home but also a living environment, at Ecopark is gradually realizing the idea of ​​a green city, leading sustainable development in the region. . Nestled behind green forests and poetic rivers, Ecopark has become a symbol of abundance, mingling between natural beauty and skillful hands of man.

In addition, with the goal of providing a high-class living space for residents, Vihajico investor pays special attention to infrastructure investment as well as sets out policies to improve educational and medical facilities. In addition to the international standards, the minimum daily-life services such as electricity and water supply, waste treatment, social security issues, etc. meet international standards. The success of Vihajico in EcoPark will help the lives of people here really high quality.

EcoPark urban area with a system of roads along the artificial lake has connected and created green for the urban area.

The internal park is designed according to the characteristics of each neighborhood, creating a close connection between nature and community activities of the residential area.

Trees, water surface, community recreation area: enhance social welfare, beautify the environment and landscape.

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