Lists of apartments in B6 Giang Vo for sale

B6 Giang Vo Condominium is conveniently located in Nam Cao street, opposite Giang Vo Lake, connecting with main roads like Tran Huy Lieu, Ngoc Khanh, Nui Truc, Giang Vo. It also is surrounded by many high-end condominium such as D2 Condominium, C8 Condominium, B1 Condominium…, so D6 Giang Vo is inherited completed and synchronous infrastructure around.

B6 Giang Vo Condominium is constructed under area of 3,086m2 and expected to be in use from Q1/2016 which promises to bring the most convenient and modern living space for all residents. The condominium has 2 blocks and 4 basements with 19-storey residence block (10 flats per floor) and 22-storey office block. Each B6 Giang Vo's apartment is designed with modern style with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in areas of 75m2 and 80m2. Especially, all apartments are constructed with high resistance to earthquake and professional fire alarm to ensure safe living space for its residents.

Convenient facilities: restaurants, kiot, supermarket, commercial area, swimming pool, kindergarten, 24/24h security, professional management…

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