Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Wonder Park

Located in the Western Suburbs area of Hanoi, Vinhomes Wonder Park attracts many customers and investors alike, through introducing a feng shui position and an advanced modern transport system, citizens will be assured with their ability to travel to many major points around the city. Furthermore, through exceptional administration of one of the most prestigious and well-known investors, Vingroup, which will give many clients ease in mind and further increase expectations on a monumental and unique project.


  • Project name: Vinhomes Wonder Park
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Project location: Tan Hoi Commune - Dan Phuong District - Hanoi City
  • Project area size: 133ha
  • Construction density: 20%
  • Form of ownership: Red book
  • Varieties of real estate products at the project: Villas, adjacent and commercial townhouses.



Vinhomes Wonder Park is located in the territory of two communes, Tan Hoi and Lien Trung of Dan Phuong District. This can be considered a prime location, attractive to both customers and investors. The project is adjacent to three large rivers: the Red River, Nhue River, and Day River. It also owns a modern transportation system, adjacent to major roads such as Ring Road 4, Belt Road 3.5, West Thang Long Boulevard ...
From the project, it only takes 20 minutes to move to West Lake, or 25 minutes to walk to Nhat Tan Bridge. From the project, we also quickly move to surround provinces such as Me Linh, Phuc Tho District, Hoai Duc District, Bac Tu Liem District. Coming to live at the project, customers have many ways to move to the project, from the road to the elevated railway, certainly will not take time for customers' travel.


Varieties of real estate products at the project: Villas, adjacent and commercial townhouses. The villas are built with an area of ​​150m2 - 400m2, including single villas and semi-detached villas. The villas are designed with the surrounding space of green garden, creating a sense of relaxation and freshness. The first floor of the villa is the garage, the living room, and the kitchen, and the second floor is the area of ​​each member's private office.
The adjacent apartments are built with areas ranging from 80m2 -150m2 and designed in the style of France, sophisticated and cozy. Suitable for families with many members, many generations live together.
The shophouse has the most significant number of projects, built with an area of ​​70 - 180m2, designed with 02 separate paths to create privacy for the house. At the same time, the 1st floor is openly arranged to help homeowners freely use, the 2nd floor and above will be the main living area of ​​the whole family. These are also housing with the highest profitability of the project, located near the main transportation roads, so it is very convenient for trade and trade.
The project is planned into 03 main subdivisions: Anh Duong subdivision, Thoi Dai subdivision, and Hoang Gia subdivision.
First, once entering the project, we will go through the Anh Duong subdivision. This is a small area but the busiest and most bustling project. The main types of housing in the neighborhood are adjacent and shophouses, in addition to a few more villas located near the commercial center. Shophouse units are located outside the adjacent units. The community is arranged with the school area and the business center, which will surely be very lively and bustling. Also, there is a green park in the middle of the subdivision to create more green space for the project.
Thoi Dai subdivision is located between the Anh Duong subdivision and the Hoang Gia subdivision. The neighborhood is planned with most of the shophouses and adjacent. There is still the appearance of the villa, but the number is insignificant. This subdivision is arranged to add the resettlement area of ​​residents who previously lived in the project. This is also a subdivision of layout from office houses and a large area for parks, lakes, and regulating ponds. The atmosphere in the community will undoubtedly be extremely comfortable and fresh.
The last subdivision is the Hoang Gia subdivision. Arrangement with mostly villas and adjacent. There are only three Vinmec institutes around the community, and the rest will mostly be the space of parks and freshwater lakes. With a luxurious design and a private, fresh living space, this will undoubtedly be an area suitable for trendy and class homeowners.


The outstanding utility at the project is the system of green parks and lakes, together with the largest indoor and outdoor swimming pool area in Vietnam. Alternating at the green park area are outdoor exercise machines, lakeside jogging tracks, BBQ garden, natural lawn ... All combined to create a green space but still modern.

Next is the operation of Art Works, Vinschool, Vinmec Hospital. This is a solid foundation for future homeowners to choose to live in the project. Customers are now well taken care of from health, education, to the working environment. Bring a convenient unified living space.
It is impossible not to mention the system of Vincom Mega Mall 5-storey commercial center with a width of 1.5ha. This will be a fun place to visit, attractions, and new residents of the area. It will meet the shopping, entertainment, and entertainment needs of the residents. From casual items to life to more upscale, upscale products. This will also be a utility to change the living habits of people around the project.


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