Vinhomes New Center - the most civilized apartment area in Ha Tinh, designed synchronously, modern architectural style brings private space, brings a modern, trendy life for future residents.

Vinhomes New Center

Project overview

Project name: Vinhomes New Center

Total area: 1.95ha

Location: Ham Nghi - Thach Linh - City. Ha Tinh - Ha Tinh

Type of product: 3 high-rise apartment buildings C1, C2, C3

Type of apartment: 1 - 3 bedrooms

Apartment premises:

Tower C1: 25 floors, 1st floor has 7 shophouse, 06 pre-school classes and 01 medical room

Building C2: 25 floors of apartment, 1st floor of community living room, management board and Lounge

Building C3: 35 floors apartment, about to start construction. 

Apartment design

Apartment shape from studio to 3 bedrooms.

The living room, kitchen and bedroom are connected with each other, absolutely no partitions. Helping to save fuel source for lighting, large balcony welcomes natural sunlight from outside. Suitable for people living alone or bijou income newlyweds.

The apartment is designed with 1 bedroom with partition with living room, kitchen. Modern equipment helps you feel secure about quality. Large balcony windows, transparent soundproof glass let you comfortably overlook the cool outside space.

The most popular apartment type today is not only in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City but also in Ha Tinh. Suitable for small, newlyweds, 2 bedrooms open to wide windows with panoramic views of the city and the interior.

The apartment is suitable for many generations, airy apartments, wide view. The apartment will not be forced to affect the health of family members. Modern equipment imported from abroad.

Apartment design here rooms are quite small, but all spaces are fully utilized. There is a living space for the whole family and a private space for each member.

Apartment Design

Project facilities

As the only luxury apartment project in Ha Tinh city, Vinhomes New Center has brought the miniature city here with high-end amenities such as:

Horizon Square

Outdoor pool

Sports playgrounds, creative playgrounds, stadiums, badminton, tennis, soccer, ...

BBQ garden

Walk way

Project location

Belongs to the new cultural center of Ha Tinh city, the center of Ham Nghi street. Vinhomes New Center is conveniently connected to the administrative center of the city and neighboring provinces.

Vincom Plaza Ha Tinh, the city administrative center.

Vinpearl land in Vinpearl Ocean Villas only takes 20 minutes.

City bus station: 1km

Vinpearl Discovery Hotel, Vinpearl City Hotel

Benefits from Vinhomes New Center apartments

A cohesive community of residents: this is the convergence of high-income classes, merchants and workers in Ha Tinh, so customers will have the opportunity to become citizens of the elite, to interact, and learn.

Luxurious living space: inheriting and upgrading from Vinhomes projects across the country has contributed to creating Vinhomes New Center today.

Potential assets: a 142-hectare complex including schools, hospitals in the area. Big companies are gradually developing and establishing companies here.


InvestorFacilities New Center

Vinhomes Group was established in Ukraine from 1993 to present. With a broad vision, Vingroup has focused on investing in the real estate sector with two major brands, Vincom and Vinpearl.

In 2012, two major brands merged together to form Vingroup today and focus on developing many major brands such as: Vinhomes, vincom, vinmec, vinschool, vinpro, vinmart, vinpearl, vineco, vinfa, almaz, .. ..

Success beyond Vinhomes New Center also includes: Vinhomes Times City, Vinhomes Riverside Symphony, Vinhomes Royal City outside Hanoi. Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Golden River, Vinhomes Dong Khoi in the city in Ho Chi Minh.


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