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Apartments for rent in Sunshine Garden - It's no longer about just looking at beautiful architecture - green spaces and elegant angles are now being woven into everyday life's fabric for renters. 

Overview of Sunshine Garden apartments 

Sunshine Garden is a project developed by Sunshine Group. It is built on an area of ​​12,810 m2, including 3 apartment buildings with 31 floors and two basements connecting the podium.

Sunshine Garden

G1 & G2 buildings

Shophouse: 1st- and 2nd floor

Apartments for living: Floor 3-3-

Penthouse: Floor 3-3-

G3 building

Apartments for living: Floor 6-30

There are five commercial floors

With all the privileges and utilities in Sunshine Garden, plus an inherent full suite of 5-star conveniences, apartments for rent in Sunshine Garden transform day-to-day living into an outstanding experience. Notable features are the Vong Canh hill area, walking garden, experimental garden, green park, library, international school area, outdoor sports area, swimming pool outdoor 5-star standard,…

Prime location at the southeast gateway of the capital - Sunshine Garden apartments for rent 

Sunshine Garden

Sunshine Garden apartments for rent are in Ao Mo urban area, near Vinhomes Times City and Vinh Hưng ecological area. It is situated across Duong Van Be Street, adjacent to Ring Road 2.

  • Distance from Hoan Kiem Lake: 4km
  • Distance from Bach Mai Hospital: 3.8km
  • Distance from Hospital 108: 4k
  • Distance from AEON Mall Long Bien: 6km
  • Him Lam Golf Course: 6km
  • Distance from Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway: 9km








Detailed layout apartments for rent in Sunshine Garden 

Sunshine Garden

Corner apartments in the G3 building: 118,4sqm

  • Lobby: 4.6 sqm
  • Kitchen + dining: 23.6 sqm
  • Living room: 18 sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 15.9sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 16.1sqm
  • Bedroom 3: 9.9sqm
  • WC 1: 5.2sqm
  • WC 2: 5.7sqm
  • Logia 1: 4.0sqm
  • Logia 2: 1.2sqm
  • Logia 3: 2.3sqm

3-bedroom apartments + 1, 3WC: 128sqm

  • Lobby: 4.0sqm
  • Kitchen + Dining: 23.9sqm
  • Living room: 16.6sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 14.8sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 17.1sqm
  • Bedroom 3: 12.2sqm
  • Multipurpose room: 6.0sqm
  • WC 1: 4.4sqm
  • WC 2: 6.5sqm
  • WC 3: 5.8sqm
  • Logia 1: 1.2sqm
  • Logia 2: 3.8sqm

3-bedroom apartments in G3 building: 108,7sqm

  • Lobby: 5.2sqm
  • Kitchen + Dining: 20.8sqm
  • Living room: 14.0sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 14.0sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 14.0sqm
  • Bedroom 3: 13.6sqm
  • WC 1: 5.8sqm
  • WC 2: 5.8sqm
  • Logia 1: 5.6sqm

3-bedroom apartments in G1, G2 building: 89,7sqm

  • Lobby: 3.9sqm
  • Kitchen: 8.0qm
  • Living room+Dining: 26.0sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 12.6sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 11,4 sqm
  • Bedroom 3: 9sqm
  • WC 1: 5.1sqm
  • WC 2: 3.7sqm
  • Logia: 5.8sqm

4-bedroom apartments in G1 building: 135,8sqm

  • Lobby: 7.7sqm
  • Kitchen: 8.6sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 19.0sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 11sqm
  • Bedroom 3: 13.6sqm
  • Bedroom 4: 9.3sqm
  • WC 1: 6.6sqm
  • WC 2: 4.5sqm
  • Logia: 3.7sqm
  • Logia: 1.7sqm

High-class Amenities in Sunshine Garden

Sunshine Garden Project: Focusing on improving the living environment and enhancing community values, Sunshine Group has spent a lot of space developing an ecological model with many amenities to serve residents.

Walking garden, green park, library, international school, children's play area, outdoor sports area, overflowing waterfall - artificial water surface, 5-star standard outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing deck, garden experiment... are outstanding highlights integrated in the internal utilities of the project, exclusively for Sunshine Garden apartment residents.

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Garden are suitable for families, professionals, artists to experience the extraodinary living space.

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