Apartments for rent in Sunshine Empire  

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Empire are the resort of real estate product line - Sky Villas of Sunshine Group. Operated by leading management brands in the world plus classy utility systems and advanced technology.

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Empire - Detailed information

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Empire

- Project name: Sunshine Empire

- Location: Urban Ciputra - North Tu Liem - Hanoi

- Investor: Sunshine Group

- Total area: 52 095.5m2

- Construction area: 17 243.8m2

- Construction density: 33.1%

- Product type: 5 luxury apartment buildings, 150 villas

- General contractor: Hoa Binh

- Scale: 5 buildings include T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 tower Sunshine Empire

The design of flats for rent in Sunshine Empire

The 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments at Sunshine Empire feature a flexible, convenient, and intelligent design:

- Flexible space utilization: Sunshine Empire focuses on designing apartments to be flexible and innovative, allowing residents to arrange living spaces according to their preferences and individual needs. Every square meter is maximized, creating versatile spaces that suit the requirements and unique tastes of each family.

- Diversity in interior settings: From luxurious furnishings to decorative items, Sunshine Empire celebrates diversity with a plethora of interior setting choices, ranging from classic to modern styles. This allows residents the freedom to express their style and personalize their living spaces.

The potential from renting 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom condominiums in Tower Sunshine Empire

The potential for high profitability from 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom condominiums in T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 tower Sunshine Empire

- Condominiums in Sunshine Empire are not only an ideal residential space but also an attractive investment opportunity. Positioned in a prime location within the Nam Thang Long Urban Area, this area is becoming a new development hub in Hanoi. Owning a condo in Tower T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5 Sunshine Empire not only offers a comfortable living environment but also presents a promising appreciation potential in the future.

- The area is undergoing robust development with synchronized infrastructure and increasingly complete social amenities. The combination of internal and external amenities, along with modern design and diverse apartment sizes, is a crucial factor making the condominiums at Sunshine Empire a prospective investment choice. Investors can anticipate rental potential and value appreciation in this burgeoning real estate market, drawing attention from both domestic and international buyers.

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