Apartments for rent in Sunshine Center - Latest news in 2023

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Center have always been a trendy urban playground attracting professionals of all ages for work and play. 

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Center

Residents and prospective residents find that element of build-to-rent appealing - Sunshine Center, there is a sense of security and comfort in knowing that everything from the ease of the application process to the booking of luxury add-on services, such as the hire of our Tesla EV car share or private dining space, through to the lodging of maintenance requests, will be attended to quickly and consistently that is not necessarily the norm in a traditional rental model. 

Sunshine Center

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Center are on Pham Hung street, which is known as the diamond strip of Hanoi, inspired by Trump Tower - the symbol of New York. Sunshine Center impresses with its contemporary style. The project is the most expensive point in the west of the capital, a real estate product of Sunshine Group with the mission of affirming the level of a new icon.

  • Project name: Sunshine Center
  • Location: 16 Pham Hung, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
  • Investment: 1,577 billion
  • Master plan: 6695sqm

Location of Sunshine Center apartments for rent

Sunshine CenterSunshine Center is situated at No. 16 Pham Hung Street, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

From Sunshine Center, it only takes a few minutes to reach major national highways such as Ring Road 2, Tran Duy Hung Street, Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, and Nguyen Trai Street...

Not only that, people living in urban areas do not have to spend much time to reach places such as:

  • National University is about 1km
  • Cau Giay Park is about 1.5km
  • The Central Institute of Hematology is about 1.5km
  • The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is about 3km away.
  • Adjacent to My Dinh bus station
  • The National Convention Center is about 3km. 
  • About 3km from Big C Thang Long
  • About 800m from 198 hospital
  • About 3km from the national sports complex

Design of apartment in Sunshine Center

Sunshine Center offers the types of apartments:

  • 2-bedroom apartments + 1 multi-purpose room: 113sqm - 117sqm - 120 sqm
  • 3-bedroom apartments + 1 multi-purpose room: 142sqm - 143sqm - 167.8sqm - 169sqm
  • Each floor has just 17 apartments with areas of 49.17sqm - 55.24sqm - 54.54sqm - 58.25sqm - 62.80sqm - 80.06sqm and are arranged flexibly from 01 - 03 bedrooms
  • Each floor includes 14 elevators and 02 emergency stairs.
  • Typical floor plan from floors 17 to 33: Density: 14 apartments/floor, with 04 elevators and 02 emergency stairs.

Fantastic utilities in Sunshine Center

  • 01 – Apartment & Commercial Lobby
  • 02 – Apartment Lobby
  • 03 – Kindergarten lobby
  • 01 – S Cafe’
  • 02 – Kindergarten
  • 03 – Food court
  • 03 – Indoor sports & games area
  • 05 – Community room
  • 06 – Japanese Restaurant
  • 07 – Italian Restaurant
  • 08 – Beer Club
  • 09 – Wine & beef restaurant
  • 10 – Outdoor swimming pool
  • 11 – Sky Coffee
  • 12 – GYM/Fitness
  • 13 – SPA








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Apartments for rent in Sunshine Golden River

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