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Mipec Rubik 360 is up for rent, allowing mid-century enthusiasts to live in one of Hanoi's best designs on an affordable budget. The property would appeal to "someone who appreciated that intricate architectural technique" and would likely rent to a couple or family. Apartments for rent in Mipec Rubik 360 provide a self-sufficient, convenient lifestyle for renters. 

General information about apartments for rent in Mipec Rubik 360

Mipec Rubik

  • Trade name: Mipec Rubik 360
  • Location: No. 122 – 124 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Investor: Xuan Thuy Trading & Service Joint Stock Company.
  • Total land area: 41,567 m2 (more than 4.1 ha)
  • The density of the building: 36.2%
  • Including works: Trade center; Wedding and event center; Inter-agency Office Cau Giay District; Housing (high-rise apartment buildings and low-rise buildings); Schools, outdoor parking lots, trees,…
  • Land for high-rise apartment buildings: 10,277 m2 (density of land in high-rise apartment buildings (24.7%).

Location of apartments for rent in Mipec Rubik 360

Mipec Rubik 360



Apartments for rent in Mipec Rubik 360 are at 122-124 Xuan Thuy Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. The project is adjacent to three sides of Xuan Thuy street, Phan Van Truong street, and a 7.5m wide internal road.

More importantly, Rubik 360 Xuan Thuy can easily connect with neighboring areas from the apartment project. Especially within a radius of 5km nearby is a system of famous large universities such as:

  • University of Education, National University, 
  • The University of Commerce, 
  • The University of Military Technology. 
  • System of hospitals such as E hospital, 198 hospitals, Traditional Medicine hospital, Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The design of commercial centers, especially IPH Xuan Thuy. Green House Market, a method of amusement parks such as Cau Giay park and Hoa Binh park.




Design of Mipec Rubik 360 apartment building

Hanoi renters can sign up for luxury living with a new concept of renting arriving on the scene. Mipec Rubik 360 has a unique design concept inspired by Rubik's cube - one of the most popular toys. Create a project with outstanding, novel features like never before:

  • Based on the polychromatic-polyhedral structure of a Rubik's cube with six faces, nine squares on each face are painted in different colors. Mipec Rubik 360 owns a low construction density, only 36.2% thoughtful planning with three facades wide view.
  • The set of 6 optimal solutions that the project brings to urban life is inspired by the operating mechanism to conquer. "Magic Rubik's Cube" is rotated according to its principles. Therefore, Rubik can be considered a symbol of solutions, and a good Rubik's player can create optimal solutions.

Mipec Rubik 360

Apartments at S Mipec Rubik 360 will include areas from 53 - 68 - 75 - 83 - 93 - 107 - 123m2, suitable for most Vietnamese families.

  • 2PN 1 WC: 53m2: these apartments are suitable for single customers, newlyweds, or customers who want to buy and rent out later.
  • 2BR 2 WC: 68m2 - 70m2 - 75m2 - 82m2 - 83m2: these apartments are suitable for young couples and families with 3-4 members.
  • 3PN 2WC apartment: 93m2 - 107m2 - 110m2: this type of apartment is suitable for families with 3-5 members living
  • 4PN 3WC apartment: 123m2: This type of apartment is ideal for families with 4-6 members living. The advantage of the apartment is the large balcony, bringing light and calm wind to the apartment.

Internal utilities in Mipec Rubik 360

Owning an apartment in Mipec Rubik 360: Mipec Xuan Thuy, residents also can access a 5-star utility array, three floors of shopping malls, four indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a system of gyms, yoga, etc. Fitness, Supermarket, Fashion Shop with international brands, Asian - European cuisine.

Developers invest 9,888 m2 for trees, gardens, and self-contained utility areas to create a sense of tranquility. Notable utilities:

  • 10 Skygarden on the roof with 5 different styles.
  • Community living room.
  • Kindergarten and inter-school.
  • Children's play area.
  • Pool
  • Shopping mall
  • Restaurants, Cafes, …
  • Gym, Spa, Yoga,...

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