Apartment for rent in Ecopark


Built and developed based on the balanced correlation between urban space and natural environment, Ecopark urban area is one of the largest projects in the North, where you can help realize the idea of A green space for a beautiful life.

1.General information

Total project area: 499.07ha. In particular, spatial planning of landscape architecture of the project includes:

Residential land: 168.95ha (33.85%)

Commercial, tourist and service land: 111.18ha (22.28%)

Urban transport land: 85.48ha (17.13%)

Land for green trees with water surface: 109.09 ha (21.86%)

Land for public works: 24.37ha (4.88%).


2. Prime location

Located in the Southeast Area of ​​Hanoi City adjacent to Bat Trang Pottery Village, Ecopark urban area is only 12.8km from the center of Hanoi capital, Connected to Thanh Tri Bridge, Ring Road 3, Vinh Tuy Bridge. , Chuong Duong Bridge, Road 5B, 4km from National Highway 1A to the North-South.

With a prime location, residents at Ecopark can easily move to the center of Hanoi in just 15 minutes, 25 minutes to move to Noi Bai International Airport, convenient in moving as well as transactions in and foreign.


3. Design of Ecopark apartment

Ecopark Apartment is designed according to a model of a functional city with full facilities and world-class services. The project apartments have been fully furnished and surrounded by green trees and lakes combining harmoniously between people and nature will bring residents the most comfortable moments with friends and relatives. .

Designed by the famous Japanese architectural firm - Kume Sekkei, Rung Co apartment complex consists of 5 blocks (with 13 apartment buildings) from 19 to 25 floors high, with more than 1,500 apartments which are a combination of Smart design, open landscape space, in harmony with the natural environment which is the absolute strength of Ecopark and a system with full of convenient services such as sports parks, tennis courts, badminton , swimming pool ... and social infrastructure such as kindergartens, schools, clinics, supermarkets.

Ecopark Palm Apartment is designed with 6 apartments on each floor with 3 typical areas: 70.9, 83.3 and 91.8sqm. Each apartment is designed with 2 to 3 bedrooms and has 02 toilets and 02 balconies (1 functional balcony and 1 relaxing balcony). At the top floor of the towers are "overhead villas" (penthouse) with an area of ​​163.3 sqm - 178.8sqm.

Details of apartment buildings

•  Floor area: 610 sqm

• Lobby / corridor area: 100sqm

• Number of elevators: 2 (speed of 6m / s)

• Number of stairs: 2

• Smoke sensor system, fire alarm, fire fighting international standards

• The collection room is closed

Number of apartments with one floor: 6 apartments

• 2 apartments of type A (70.9 sqm)

• 2 units of type B (83, 3 sqm)

• 2 units of type C (91.8 sqm)

Special types of apartments:

• SkyVilla (154.2sqm)

• Penthouse (163.3 - 178.8sqm)


4. Perfect service in Ecopark urban area

Not just a place to live, but Ecopark has formed a way of life. Ecopark urban area creates a living environment, giving customers the most choice of housing types, from Ecopark villas, townhouses to apartments in a variety of areas, designs and investment levels. reasonable. Architects especially attach great importance to the harmonious combination of earth - water - earth; between green trees, wind and water to create resonance, proliferation of living energy.

Ecopark not only focuses on the planning space, architecture and infrastructure to create a perfect and high-class ecological urban but also creates its own value by forming a system of utilities and public welfare. contract and management services according to international standards ... so that people have the opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of modern life.

The chain of commercial townhouses, supermarkets is diverse to meet the shopping needs of residents. The education system is deployed with the school system from preschool to university, meeting the standards of high quality education of Vietnam and internationally. Health facilities are focused on investing and expanding in the future. Amusement, entertainment, sports area with many green parks, walking paths, swimming pools, gyms, body care, art clubs ... Especially, there are hundreds every day Ecopark's private bus is completely free, has many convenient stops, accurate tracking software, enabling people to easily move anywhere.

Currently, Tan Long Land is providing services, buying, selling and renting apartments in Ecopark urban area with direct prices from the investor, full of utilities, a team of professional and enthusiastic consultants. If you need to find the latest and most detailed information about Ecopark apartments, please contact Tan Long Real Estate Floor directly for the best advice and support.

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