Discovery Complex Apartment with Keangnam building and Lotte Tower building are called 3 large towers in Hanoi, with 54, 70 and 65 floors respectively. This is the construction project invested by Kinh Do TCI Group. , with the hope of forming "the highlight of Cau Giay district". With the idea of 2 towers symbolizing two candles, glowing at night, plus the meticulous care, surely Discovery Complex will be a great place to come back after every long day.


Discovery Complex Apartment was designed into a complex with a total construction area of 10,218m2
Construction density: 40% of the whole project
Apartment tower: 54 floors
Office tower: 43 floors
Commercial center: 08 floors
4 floors of greenery, 5 basements (accommodating about 1,500 tourist cars and 15,000 motorbike).


Discovery Complex is located at 302 Cau Giay - Dich Vong Ward - Cau Giay District - Hanoi, located on the main road of Cau Giay and Chua Ha Street, west of Hanoi City.

This project has 100m frontage at 302 Cau Giay, located on the triangle road connecting Cau Giay - Tran Dang Ninh - Chua Ha. This helps the Discovery Complex's apartments always have 2 to 3 open sides. At the same time, Discovery Complex is also located in the central position of the triangle: Dich Vong Park - Nghia Tan Park - Thu Le Park.

Discovery Complex has a special advantage to exploit business forms, living amenities when near the series of common utilities of Cau Giay district such as schools (Cau Giay Primary School, Nghia Tan Secondary School, High School) Cau Giay); hospital (Y Cao General Hospital, Hospital 198); park (Dich Vong Park, Thu Le Park); Tourist location (Museum of Ethnology); Stadium (stadium of Nghia Tan)
The final prerequisite is the city's elevated railway (running from Nhon to Hanoi Railway Station) connected to the project on the second floor of the Trade Center. This is considered a great advantage, increasing the competitiveness of Discovery Complex for other projects. When it became the connection point of the railway, it also brought convenience in traffic, the bustling crowded demand for shopping, was the premise for the success of the Trade Center as well as the general project. 
Discovery Complex Apartment introduces 3 types of apartments, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms.