Apartment for rent at 6th Element

As the focal point of the western real estate market in Hanoi, the 6th Element apartment project offers a different experience to projects inherent in the regional market.

6th Element is a complex of apartments and villas located on land plot 017HH1 at the front of Vo Chi Cong street, in Tay Ho Tay urban area, Tay Ho district, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi. The project is located close to the metro system No. II, adjacent to Nguyen Van Huyen axis and 40m road surface connecting the two city belt roads. From 6th Element, residents can move to roads like Vo Chi Cong, Hoang Quoc Viet, Nguyen Van Huyen to connect to the neighboring districts of Hanoi.
6th Element is the official name for the 6th Element apartment building. 6th Element was developed by Bac Ha investor on land plot 017HH1, located in Tay Ho Tay urban area, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city. The project is located on the extended Nguyen Van Huyen road and the 40m road is connected to Vo Chi Cong street and only 500m from the urban railway station, so when living in the 6th Element apartment building, residents can easily move. to all locations inside and outside the city.
The 40m pavement connects the main roads but not the belt roads, so it will ensure a quiet and safe life for the lives of 6th Element residents.
The 6th Element project area is conveniently located for east-east connection to key areas of the Capital and especially Noi Bai airport. 6th Element is suitable for households that require a high intellectual environment.
The total floor area of ​​6th Element project is 173,161m2. Construction area of ​​high-rise buildings is 5,741m2, low-rise buildings is 2,640m2. Green area occupies 10,600m2 and school area is about 3,468m2. In addition, the project also planned land for construction of an area of ​​3,468m2, a commercial center of about 34,372m2 and a basement for parking with a capacity of about 1,200 seats.
The scale of the project includes 2 Melody apartment buildings (2 units M1, M2) and Diamond (2 units D1, D2) with 38 floors and 4 basements, providing 1,176 apartments to the market and 32 separate lots. Adjacent villas are located at 2 in the East and West plots, along the 3 gardens of Hoang Yen - Tropical - Hoa Ban.
The apartment block is designed from the 1st - 6th floor is the commercial - service area, from the 7th to 35th floor is the floor of apartments, floors 36-37 are arranged with penthouses and the 38th floor is the sky bar.
The apartments at 6th Element are designed with 1 - 3 bedrooms with the area of ​​each apartment ranging from 59.8 to 107.9m2.

To bring homeowners of 6th Element apartments closer to nature, 100% of apartments are designed with open space. 6th Element apartment is designed big balcony, windy. Every apartment can catch the full light and wind into the room of the family.

Flexible, simple design with 1-3 bedroom apartments of 6th Element apartment not only gives the apartment sophistication in every small detail but also gives each homeowner the right choice. well suited. Customers are free to choose the apartment and customize the design according to personal preferences.

Bac Ha Developer always focuses on creating the best living value for residents of 6th Element. These include: greenery system, garden and closed utility chain such as stream, children's play area, theater, wine cellar, skybar, gym, infinity pool, four-season swimming pool are all be focused and fully invested.
Not only class in lifestyle, 6th Element project is also a bridge for families to stick together, spend more time with the comprehensive education system for children and the 2nd office model for parents. 6th Element Apartment will bring a balanced life to everyone: health - work - family - friends - happiness.
At 6th Element Project, residents are entitled to 55 luxury self-contained facilities inside the area, meeting all the needs of leisure, entertainment, shopping and modern life.
The facilities here are divided into separate functional groups, in order to achieve high efficiency in taking care of material and spiritual life for residents.
The project is cared for the first-time utilities in Vietnam such as aqua gym, swimming pool using electrolytic salt technology, ... In addition, the investor also focuses on many utilities reserved for residents. children and the elderly such as preschools, children's play areas, artificial sand dunes, stone chess boards, meditation and yoga stations, etc.
With more than 10,000m2 for landscapes and trees, 6th Element is like a "forest in the street" with a system of trees, promenades, diverse landscapes, green, in order to bring a fresh living space, close to nature.                                                                                        In particular, at the project, the investor also focuses on building a civilized, polite and united resident community with a series of community-connected utilities such as luxurious wine cellar, modern sky bar on the roof. , coworking, library, theater, BBQ garden, ...
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