My Dinh Song Da - Sudico urban area is a complex project of apartments, villas, adjacent houses, commercial centers and modern office space. The project is invested by Song Da 
Urban and Industrial Development Investment Joint Stock Company.

Urban project is located in the middle of the area being urbanized with high speed. This project is conveniently located to develop a new residential area to meet the housing needs 
of Capital residents. Here, the investor will focus on building a complex of high-rise buildings with a synchronous technical infrastructure and social infrastructure system including: 
roads, electricity and water services, trade areas. trade ...

The project of My Dinh Song Da - Sudico urban area provides housing with various types of area, which best meets the living and entertainment needs of residents in the city. 
Modern social infrastructure works such as high school system, kindergarten, ward office ... And the system of modern entertainment works such as green park, swimming pool,
 tennis court ... has been completed creating an ideal living and leisure space for residents. With the combination of superior advantages, the urban area project will be a real estate 
product worth buying and investing in the future.