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Project name: Sunshine Palace

Address: 13 Linh Nam, Mai Dong, Hoang Mai, Hanoi

Owner: Sunshine Group

Construction unit: Vinaconex

Project scale: 2 high-rise apartment buildings with 28 floors

Type of development: High-end apartment

Design style, detailed ground design: Neoclassical

Area of ​​greenery, public, roads: 7,969 m2

Total construction area: 3,773 m2

Construction floor area: 30,160.1 m2

Building density: 38.9%

Number of basements and total basement area: 2 basements

High floor of the building: 28 floors

Number of commercial floors and area: 2 commercial floors

Number of properties: 402 apartments

Real estate structure: Apartments from 2 - 3 bedrooms

Real estate area: 76 - 114 m2

Handover time: Quarter II / 2017

Sale price of real estate: VND 26 - 30 million / m2




Sunshine Palace is located on Tam Trinh - Linh Nam street, which is the southern gateway of Hanoi. From the project, residents can easily access the surrounding areas with 6 main roads surrounded by outstanding advantages, advanced transportation and infrastructure networks.



It takes only a few minutes of commuting to reach Ho Guom lake, as well as the leading public utilities area such as Bach Mai Hospital, leading universities like Polytechnic University, Dai Study Construction, National Economics University, Yen So Park, Vinh Tuy Bridge, large-scale trade centers, ...

In particular, the project is adjacent to Park Hill - Times City, which is considered to be the most livable in Vietnam, where there are already many high-end facilities. With this advantage, just a few steps, you can enjoy the facilities available in the inner city resort style.


Sunshine Palace project is designed smartly, reasonably with 3 types of apartments: Penthouse, Duplex and typical apartments, with flexible area from more than 60m2 to more than 200m2, satisfying diverse needs of customers.



The interior architectural design of each apartment is emphasized. All rooms are directly exposed to the wind and natural light thanks to the smart window system and open logia for light. The air circulation, the most important feng shui element of a carefully considered and calculated living space, aims to give customers a fresh and vibrant life experience.


Moreover, all equipment and construction materials in the apartment are meticulously selected, bringing harmony in the overall.


Sunshine Palace project is an office complex, commercial center, luxury apartment with many high class facilities.


  • Community living area: Lounge lounge is designed elegantly, luxuriously and using high-class equipment.

    Sports area: With a four-season swimming pool, a modern gym area ... improving the quality of life for residents.

    Commercial center area: shopping area, luxury restaurant area, cinema ...

Especially, coming to Sunshine Palace, residents will be connected to the community, creating a close and intimate living environment. In order for this place to not only be a place of return for each person but also a home, a place where people exchange and engage in community.




Progress is divided into 4 phases:

Deposit: VND 100,000,000

Phase 1: 30% of the apartment value when signing the sale contract

Phase 2: 30% of the value of the apartment to be paid after 30 days from the date of signing the sale contract

Phase 3: 35% of the apartment value + 2% of payment maintenance fee when receiving the apartment

Stage 4: 5% of the apartment value when there is a notice to receive the land use right certificate.



- The location of the southern gate of the capital, where it has a large transportation network, connecting the region, residents can easily move to the downtown area and surrounding areas. Moreover, adjacent to Park Hill - Time City, which is called the best living place in Vietnam, Sunshine Palace has received much attention from customers.


- The design and architecture of the apartments of the project are meticulously elaborated from materials, to a spacious balcony layout to catch the wind and direct light.


- Utilities, modern services, first class: four seasons swimming pool, shopping area, luxury restaurant area, ... In particular, there is a community mount area via Lounge lounge, library reading help for people are closer and closer.




Free 5-year service management fee

1% discount for customers and relatives when buying a second apartment or more

Customers who do not participate in interest rate support are entitled to a discount of 2% of the total value of the apartment, including VAT and excluding maintanance fee

Customers participating in the investor's loan support program:

+ Rate of borrowing up to 70% of apartment value

+ Loan term: 25 years

+ 0% interest rate support during interest rate support

+ Be entitled to repayment of principal repayment during the period of interest rate support

+ Free of charge for early repayment during the period of interest rate support



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