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Project name: Kosmo Tay Ho apartment and service complex

Address: No. 101 Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Investor: Tay Ho View Real Estate Company Limited

Development unit: REFICO Group

Design unit: REFICO Group

Construction unit: Coteccons

Project scale: 3 high-rise towers NOVO, CENTRO, METRO

Type of development: High-end apartment

Design style, detailed ground design: European style

Area of ​​trees, public, roads: 2503 m2

Total project area: 10,895 m2

Total construction area: 4,720 m2

Construction floor area: 81.202m2

Building density: Block of 43%, tower block of 30%

Number of basements and total basement area: 3 basements

High floor: NOVO 35 floors, CENTRO 30 floors, METRO 22 floors

Number of commercial floors and area: 3 shopping centers

Number of real estate: 648 apartments

Property structure: Apartment

Property area: Apartments from 70 - 110 m2

Starting time: Quarter II / 2016

Handover time: Quarter II / 2019

Sale price of real estate: Only from 30 million / m2



Kosmo Tay Ho project is located in an extremely privileged position in the downtown area. Most apartments overlook the poetic West Lake, Red River and Noi Bai Airport. It can be said that it is difficult to have a project with such great scenery. From Kosmo apartment, it is easy to move to other parts of the city and quickly to Noi Bai airport via routes Nguyen Van Huyen, Vo Chi Cong, Pham Van Dong, Nhat Tan bridge, ...


Besides, Kosmo Tay Ho also has a golden position when being able to reach the city's locations in the most convenient way:

The Northeast is the corner of the planned road (section 30m) and Xuan La-Xuan Dinh road (section 24m), low-rise housing area.

In the Southeast is the planned road (section of 10.5 m), the housing area of ​​Kosmo Tay Ho low-rise army located close to Ho Tay district and in the West Lake West area is greatly benefited from the infrastructure and delivery. The commercial service of this urban area brings.

North-west borders on the planned road (section 30m) and low-rise housing area and kindergarten

The Southwest side is the intersection of planned road (section 30m), the Diplomatic Corps area.

On the other hand, the project can also connect to major economic, commercial, medical and educational centers:

Near major hospitals such as Hospital E, Hanoi Heart Hospital, Thu Cuc International Hospital, Transportation Hospital, Lao Lung Hospital ...

Education: C1, C2, C3 Xuan Dinh, Hanoi Academy of Bilingual Schools, United Nations International School, Chu Van An School, Internal University

Fun and entertainment: Super contest Metro, Ho Tay Water Park, Hoa Binh Park, Nghia Do Park, Tay Ho district sports center, public utility center (Diplomatic Corps).



With the criterion: "Modern, flexible and maximized use", Kosmo Tay Ho apartment buildings are devoted by designers. This is also a highlight of the project.


Each apartment has 2 loigia, all rooms have natural light and wind to save electricity

Design a large kitchen, separate connection directly to logia, so when cooking, there will be no smell in the apartment

A square design bedroom helps owners to easily and scientifically arrange furniture

Main Logia has a large area suitable for decorating ornamental plants, planting green trees or decorating small tables to sip coffee, reading books ...





Kosmo Tay Ho apartments are integrated with top-class facilities: trade hall, shopping center, green park, luxury restaurant, flower garden, children's playground, etc. All to bring re-class life for residents with modern internal and external utility systems:


Interior facilities: kindergartens, kindergartens, four-season swimming pools for both adults and children, outdoor fitness areas, gyms, spas, art gardens, BBQ areas, children's play gardens, cinemas , reading room, community room, ..

Out-of-town facilities: convenience stores, high schools and universities, shopping centers, embassies, restaurants, medical services, airports, water parks, green parks, markets system, ....

hand-over interior

The handover list includes:

Doors and apartments: Ceilings, walls, floors, main doors and lighting equipment, phones support sound at the main door.

Balcony, hallway: Floor, wall, balcony, electricity and lighting equipment

Kitchen: Floors, ceilings, walls, windows, doors to the kitchen, aluminum and glass doors, electricity and lighting equipment, water heaters, kitchens.

Living room: Ceiling, wall, floor, door, electricity and lighting equipment, air conditioner, telephone connection port - television cap

Bathroom: Ceiling, waterproof, door, floor, electric and lighting equipment, ventilation fan, water heater, sanitary equipment, bathroom equipment

Bedroom: Ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, electricity and lighting equipment, air conditioning, electrical cables, television phone connection ports.



Gold position in the heart of the Capital

Kosmo Tay Ho project is located at 101 Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi, where apartments are mostly facing the beautiful West Lake and Red River. Not only that, from the project we can quickly move to economic centers, health, education, entertainment, ... in the most convenient way thanks to the transportation system with many major roads: roads Xuan La, Vo Chi Cong, Pham Van Dong, Nhat Tan bridge, ....


Design with luxurious and elegant European style

The designers were very enthusiastic when designing apartments in the project with the motto: "Modern - utility - optimal use of functions". Therefore, the apartments are well-arranged, large balconies welcome wind and direct light to bring relaxation and comfort to residents.


Class utility system.

The investor gives his residents the highest quality of life through a variety of internal and external utility systems: trade hall, shopping center, green park, luxury restaurant, garden. flowers, children's playgrounds, convenience stores, high schools and universities, shopping centers, embassies, restaurants, medical services, airports, ....




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