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Project name: D'.Le Roi Soleil Quang An

Address: No. 2 Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Investor: Tan Hoang Minh Group

Design unit: Japanese architect - Katsuki Kasunori

Project scale: 25-storey apartment building

Type of development: High-end apartment

Design style, detailed ground design: Classic

Total project area: 9.185 m2

Construction floor area: 87,672 m2

Building density: 50% podium, 40% tower block

Number of basements and total basement area: 6 basements with area of ​​129,630 m2

High floor construction: 25 floors

Number of commercial floors and area: 2 commercial floors

Number of properties: 498 apartments

Real estate structure: Apartments from 2 - 3 bedrooms

Real estate area: 83 - 333 m2

Starting time: Quarter IV / 2015

Handover time: Quarter III / 2018

Sale price of real estate: From 60 million / m2



D '. Le Roi Soleil Quang An brings a perfect life to every resident. Located in Quang An peninsula, the project is adjacent to 2-sided road Xuan Dieu and Dang Thai Mai. This is a place where many foreigners and embassies live and work. Besides, this place is also a land of spirituality from thousands of places, the focus of the monuments: Quang Ba Pagoda, Kim Lien Temple, Tay Ho Temple, Sheraton Hotel, ... More, from D '. Le Roi Soleil can immerse ourselves in the beautiful view of the romantic West Lake.


On the other hand, from here we can  quickly move to the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake and downtown area quickly.



Project D '. Le Roi Soleil is designed with 3 sides overlooking West Lake and one side facing the Red River. To take advantage of this unlimited view, the apartments are well-designed through the glass door system, with wind slot. With this design, the apartments will receive sun and wind, giving you a comfortable and comfortable feeling. In other words, the apartments are designed from the inspiration of the Sun King's residence with great Art Derco-style products so that every moment of your life is complete.


This project which wants to bring high-class life to residents, apartments D '. Le Roi Soleil has brought the most modern facilities. This is also the first project to design an 8-storey separate service tower to serve the needs of residents. Coming to the project, you will be given a 5 * class resort in your own apartment. That is: the commercial center is arranged 2 floors with the world's leading utilities, the gym, the Spa is modernly equipped with talented, professional, ... coaches.



Apartment D '. Le Roi Soleil is handovered the basic interior package



Payment schedule of investor Tan Hoang Minh is divided into 8 phases as follows:

- Deposit:  200,000,000VND upon signing a deposit agreement

- Stage 1: 30% of the apartment value (VAT included) + VAT of 5% of the apartment value (including deposit) paid when signing the apartment sale and purchase contract (within 15 days from when signing a deposit agreement).

- Stage 2: 10% of the apartment value (VAT included) paid on June 30, 2018

- Stage 3: 10% of the apartment value (VAT included) + 2% of payment maintenance fee when notice of house handover from the investor is expected in August 2018

- Phase 4: 10% of the apartment value (VAT included) paid on October 30, 2018

- Stage 5: 15% of the apartment value (VAT included) paid on December 30, 2018

- Stage 6: 10% of the apartment value (VAT included) paid on February 28, 2019

- Stage 7: 10% of the apartment value (VAT included) paid on April 30, 2019

- Stage 8: 5% of the apartment value (excluding VAT) paid when the investor notifies the land use right certificate.



Location of a sacred land with extraordinary people.

Since ancient times, the land of Quang An on the west side of the lake has been considered a prosperous land, where the relics of Kim Lien Temple and Quang Ba Temple are gathered.Morover this place is the perfect place for Foreigners, embassies live and work. So it can be said that D '. Le Roi Soleil has a very favorable position and this is also the strong point to attract customers of the project.

First class utilities

Come to project D '. Le Roi Soleil you will enjoy the most luxurious life. It is a shopping center, gym, Spa equipped with a professional coach, leading the world.

Unique design, separate

The apartments are designed to maximize the area to catch the wind and flood the light. And this is also the first project to build an 8-storey tower to serve the needs of residents so that every moment is the most complete.



Customers deposit buy D'.Le Roi Soleil apartment will enjoy many valuable incentives:

- Early payment discount: customers who pay 95% value of apartment (including VAT and maintenance fee) are discounted 4% on the selling price of the apartment (excluding VAT and maintenance fee).

-Receive a home first, pay later: customers pay 50% value of apartment and receive a house, the remaining apartment value is paid according to the progress lasting until April 30, 2019.

-Transportation package of Semi - fitout basic furniture: all floors of Marble stone, natural wood, imported German toilet, ...