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Sunshine Group




Introducing Sunshine Group


With the key strategy of investing in real estate business, the Group has been focusing on investing and developing projects according to 
4 main product lines: Sunshine Apartment (Luxury housing project, luxury apartment project) , Sunshine Urban Retreat Villas (low-rise villa), 
Sunshine Sky Villas (overhead villa), Sunshine Marina (Multi-resort resort project under Interated Resort model).


Sunshine Group participated in construction construction activities as a general contractor of design and construction; supply of construction 
materials; installation of interior equipment ...


Sunshine Group is both an investor and a strategic partner of reputable domestic and foreign trade groups in building and developing 
high-end commercial centers right in housing projects.


On the foundation of information technology and e-commerce, Sunshine Group has been building and developing a system of useful 
services including: Building management and operation services; House repair service; Home-office transport service, student shuttle service, 
etc. serve immediately for residents at projects.


Education infrastructure is co-operated by Sunshine Group in partnership with Education partners to build and develop a comprehensive 
chain of international standard school-based schools, right on the campus of home projects.

The media 

Sunshine fields are being implemented, moving to become the strength in the communications field of the Group: Building brand, Organizing events, 
Building and developing websites providing information around the field Real Estate Investment and Business ...


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