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Address: Building 104 - CT1 -  Van khe Urban Area

Investor: BID Group Joint Stock Company

Executing unit: EPC BIDCONS general contractor

Design consultant: NDA Group Design Consultant Joint Stock Company

Executing unit: CDC Hanoi Joint Stock Company

Building management unit: Savills Vietnam

Construction progress: constructed to level 6

Building height: 180m

Base build density: 24%

Density of building tower section: 21%

Total building area: 163,970 m2

Corridor width: 1.8 - 2.4m

Wide range of elevator lobby: 3.6m

Number of elevators: 9 elevators + 1 fire protection ladder

Shelters at floors 20 and 34

Type of apartment: 02 bedrooms - 03 bedrooms

Total number of apartments: 806 units

Area apartment:

62m2, 65m2, 68m2, 75m2, 77m2, 79m2, 80m2, 101m2, 155m2, 275.2m2, 327.4m2

The project consists of 2 buildings: 35-storey building and 50-storey building, 02 basement basements of 9 buildings:

Floor 1-5: Trade center area

Floor 5-19: Apartment: 18 units / floor (270 apartments)

20th floor: Refugee, safe space without any project in Hanoi

21-23 floor: Apartment area: 18 units / floor (54 apartments)

24-32 floor: Apartment area: 25 units / floor (250 apartments)

Level 34: Refugee and safe space without any project in Hanoi

Floor 35-41: Apartment: 18 units / floor (126 apartments)

42-46 floor: Apartment area: 12 apartments / floor (60 apartments)

47-48 floors: Apartment: 11 units / floor (60 apartments)

Level 49: 6 apartments

Level 50: 6 apartments



Location BID Residence is located right in the center of the complex of urban areas of Van Khe, Duong Noi, An Hung, Usilk City, Park City and right on Le Van Luong Street. It is an advantage to make easy connection for BID Residence to the city center and large urban areas in the urban population west of Hanoi City.

+ The North borders on Duong Noi urban area.

+ The Northeast is adjacent to the high-class hotel commercial complex (TTDV03) in An Hung urban area, combining Usilk City building (Song Da Thang Long).

+ The Southeast is adjacent to the villa area, the house is adjacent to Van Khe urban area.

+ The West borders An Hung urban area

+ The Southwest borders on La Khe river.

BID Residence project is located at the beginning of the gateway of the Capital area, directly connected to the arterial traffic routes such as BRT bus, Le Trong Tan, Le Van Luong, Ring 3, Cat overhead railway. Linh - Ha Dong, ... moving into the center of Hanoi only 5 minutes drive.


Design premes

BID Residence apartments are designed based on liberal, creative inspiration but not far from the design principles to meet the criteria of investors such as: Fully agreeing on the organization of urban architecture space marketing; inheriting finishing and articulation with surrounding projects; to build a new urban area into a modern and civilized commercial, service and high-rise dwelling house.





With modern designs, applying standard models for BID Residence condominiums, homebuyers can be completely assured of living space, applying feng shui elements into each design. With the majority of apartments, the feeling of "Touching the Sun and Wind" combined with nature, bringing nature into each apartment but still retaining luxury and class.



All of BID Residence Ha Dong apartments are designed with superior design to meet all customers' fresh rest needs, ensuring to bring 100% fresh air into each your apartment. More specifically, the layout of the closed system with lots to create the ventilation for the kitchen and the owner 's apartment.



With the motto of giving customers a comfortable and comfortable life, BID Residence Van Khe project houses not only pay special attention to the design of apartments to suit feng shui but also to the Our customers live a full life right here without having to go anywhere like shopping, entertainment, health care, beauty, sports training ... Utilities right at the moment Van Khe's project saves you a lot of time, effort and money to improve your life.

At BID Residence Van Khe - Ha Dong, residents will enjoy a comfortable and convenient life with a safe system, separate passenger and cargo elevator system to ensure the movement of residents. people in rush hour, synchronous security system, 24/24 surveillance camera, backup generator starts after 15 seconds when incidents occur, spacious basement to meet the travel needs of resident



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