Apartments for rent in Sun Grand City - Thuy Khue Residence

A beautiful residence lifestyle, ample onsite amenities, and a sense of local community set this new development in the prestigious Thuy Khue. Apartments for rent in Sun Grand City, Thuy Khue in a good condition and very liveable for foreigners. It’s well located within the golden land in the heart of the capital on Thuy Khue Street, which is with an expensive view of West Lake, Bach Thao Park.

Sun Grand City - Thuy Khue Residence


  • Project name: Sun Grand City Quang An Residence
  • Investor: Ho Tay Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company – Sun Group
  • Project location: 58 Quang Ba, Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi
  • Total project area: 3.6 ha
  • Building density: 35%
  • Project scale: 9 towers, interconnected basements
  • Type: hotel, hotel apartment
  • The number of products: The project has a total of 1,501 hotel rooms, and 846 hotel-style apartments for rent in Sun Grand City, with an area of ​​each unit ranging from 50sqm to 200sqm, types of apartments from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms.

Sun Grand City's scale:

  • The complex is a commercial center, office, and high-class apartment. Including 2 apartment towers S1 and S2.
  • Apartment area: 47sqm – 168sqm
  • Products: 1 - 4 bedroom apartments, penthouses
  • Building S1: Adjacent to Thuy Khue Street with a height of 21 floors, including 4 basements, 2 commercial floors, 17 floors of apartments, and 2 floors of Penthouses
  • Building S2: Adjacent to Hoang Hoa Tham Street with a height of 23 floors, including 5 basements, 4 commercial floors, 1 floor of entertainment services, and 18 floors of apartments


Location of Sun Grand City

Apartments for rent in Sun Grand City at 69B Thuy Khue in Quang An ward, Ba Dinh district offers a fantastic opportunity to connect easily to another area: 

  • Only 10 minute drive from Hoan Kiem Lake 
  • 500 m from Uncle Ho's Mausoleum 
  • Quan Ngua Stadium is more than 1 km.
  • From the project, residents can easily walk to West Lake or Bach Thao Park, and enjoy An Nhien life right in the heart of Hanoi.

Sun Grad City apartments for rent are on main roads with low traffic density, with little congestion such as Hoang Hoa Tham Street; Thuy Khue Street; Nguyen Dinh Thi street; Vo Chi Cong street; Van Cao street; Lac Long Quan Street.


Sun Grand City Thuy Khue includes two apartment towers S1 and S2. All apartments for rent in Sun Grand City are guaranteed privacy and are completely separate from the common living space.


Layout floor of S2 tower

Layout floor of S2 Tower

Tower S2 includes 2 apartment halls A and B. Each lobby is designed for 10 to 12 apartments, including 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom apartments.

1-bedroom apartment: 2 units

2-bedroom apartment: 5 units

3-bedroom apartment: 3 units

4-bedroom apartment: 2 units

Layout floor of S1 tower

Layout floor of S1 tower

Tower S1 has a simple design including only 7 apartments on 1 floor. There are only 7 apartments, but the S1 tower is designed with 3 1-bedroom apartments, which is very suitable for rental business needs.

1-bedroom apartment: 3 units

3-bedroom apartment: 2 units

4-bedroom apartment: 2 units

Interior in Sun Grand City apartment

All apartments for rent in Sun Grand City have been recently updated and come fully furnished, making them ideal for ready-to-go holidaying and a potential income generator. They offer open plan living with raked ceilings, a kitchen, bathroom, and entertaining windows with city or lake views.


Sun Grand City apartment's facilities include restaurants, fashion stores, and supermarkets which meet the shopping needs of the renters. Besides, this building has a fitness & wellness center including an Olympic swimming pool, Spa room, and indoor sports club will be the place where you can quickly recover your health after a long day at work.

Swimming pool in Sun Grand City

Residents will have access to a kid zone, CGV cinema as well as a gym and yoga space — all perfect for building a sense of community with the neighbors.

Nearby lifestyle amenities include Bach Thao Park walks and excellent boating, fishing in West Lake, and crabbing hotspots of the central city.

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